About Us

About Us

Since our founding over 50 years ago in Columbus, Nebraska, we’ve learned a thing or two about building. In that time, we’ve built agricultural buildings, industrial facilities, churches, schools, medical centers, restaurants, and much more. Though the buildings have been different and times have changed since our founding, a few things never change.

Each one of our clients expects a quality project completed on time. They’ve all wanted to be kept up to date on the project’s progress. They’ve all wanted to know they can rely on the people who are doing the work. And they’ve all wanted to know who they can call when they have a question or concern.


So, we’ve spent the last 50 plus years building a company that exceeds those expectations. We have a team of dedicated professionals who are experts in their trades. Because of that team, we’re able to deliver on our promises and produce high quality projects on time and on budget. When you work with us, you’ll know exactly who to call whenever you need us and you can be confident that we’ve got the best people on the job.

Whether your project is ready for bidding, you’re ready to start building, or you need someone to oversee a project from design to completion, give us a call. You’ll be joining our many return clients in trusting us to get the job done right for the right price.