Twin River High School

Job Name: Twin River High School
Location: Genoa, NE
Size: 12,000 SF
Delivery Method: Design Bid Build
Project Type: Educational

Twin River Public Schools serves the Genoa, Monroe and Silver Creek communities with a centralized K-12 school. The district wanted to address crowded and aging spaces but could not pass a bond issue to fund a full renovation and expansion of its facility. The design included a 12,000 square foot freestanding facility to house two technology-rich science classrooms as well as a laboratory, two math classrooms, a distance learning classroom and two computer labs. The science laboratory and prep area is located between the science classrooms, which allows for easy transition from lecture to lab. A circulation corridor divides the science and math areas from the distance learning center and computer labs. A raised ceiling with clerestory windows bathes the interior space with natural light to create a more stimulating environment. The facility was completed in 2015.